Miniatures, Models & Maps

Miniatures are the icing on the cake of any D&D table, but they can be so expensive. Here you will find my favorite miniatures and models to fit any budget!

Free Miniatures

If you cannot afford any miniatures right now and you have access to a printer, then you are in luck, my friends!

PrintableHeroes creates ready to print miniatures for FREE. While some of the most epic artwork is locked behind the higher tier pay-wall (totally worth it, by the way) there are TONS of cool figures you can print and use for free!

(I am not an affiliate with PrintableHeroes and I do not make commission from you going to this site. I am just a fan of these amazing minis!)

If you are looking for free miniatures, you can’t get better than these! Be sure check out Printable Heroes!

Great Discount Miniatures at Noble Knight Games

Amazon has some miniatures, but they are very limited. If you are looking for thousands of high quality, discount miniatures, then you have to check out our partner Noble Knight Games!

Save money and get a bigger selection by shopping at Noble Knight.

Here are some of my favorite miniature sets and minis, but I am confident you can find any mini you are looking for here! (If you click on a link below and make a purchase, I get a small commission, so thanks in advance!!)

Browse below or click the link to see the entire stock for each collection:


Reaper Miniatures

Medieval Farm


Witch’s Home

Spell Effects

Wild West Town Complete Package!

Wild West Main Street Building

Trusty Pack Mule

Gargantuan Red Dragon


Treasure Piles


Even if you aren’t running a game with a lot of minis, a good map of your dungeon, castle or tower is a MUST. Without a map, players will be more easily confused and more likely to miss your clues.

You can make your own maps, but I lack that skill. So I rely on Mike! He makes incredible maps for any D&D adventure!

Check out his extensive library where you can get an incredible map for just $2!! (I just bought a bunch for my own campaign!)

(I do not make anything when you buy from Mike, again, I just really like his work and find it useful in my own campaigns. Enjoy!)