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We Have Crime Bosses and Syndicates!

This 60 page ebook is inspired by the mafia families of New York, and aims to help you introduce organized crime to your fantasy setting. In this NPC eBook, you will get 5 Crime Bosses explanations of their illicit undertakings, how they hide in plain sight, and events that clue your players in to the city’s dark underbelly. 

Each boss also comes with 4 underlings you can use to introduce the idea of organized crime in any campaign.

The eBook is written in a noir style, so you will also see lots of notes on each NPC and clues you can either give your players or use for inspiration. 

The purpose of this book is to give you a foundation for using organized crime in whatever world you are playing in, not to be a complete setting. These NPCs work great on their own, but also can be used together to create a complete crime network! 

If you are looking to add some depth and reality to your campaign, Ignosi might be just what you are looking for.

We have Merchants and Taverns!

What's in the eBook?

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Along with the amazingly useful NPC sheets, you also get the shops and taverns to go with them! No more generic ale and bread for your party. Oh no! Now you can describe tavern specials, unique treats and special menus to add another element of role-play to your game!

Each NPC has their own shop or tavern, each shop/tavern sheet includes the following:

  •  Descriptions of the atmosphere, patrons and any interesting items to help you describe the tavern/shop to your party
  • Items Available for purchase. In the taverns, the sheet includes a food and drink menu. On the shops it includes magical and non-magical items the party can buy.
  • Juicy Gossip or Quest Hook
  • Random Events that could happen at this location, just to spice things up!
  • A placed to take notes. Did your party meet someone important here? Did they order a custom item to be picked up later? Are they no longer welcome in this establishment? Take notes right on the sheet to remember when the group returns!

25 Merchants & Tavern Keeps
25 Shops and Taverns!

The staple of every RPG campaign will always be taverns and shops! Which means creating those taverns and shops and filling them with interesting and creative NPCs will always be a Game Master’s bane!

Inside this eBook you will find 25 one page NPC sheets that include the following:

  • Original drawing of the NPC
  • NPC Stats including HP, AC and Skill Specialty!
  • A quote from the NPC to give you an idea of how they speak
  • NPC Description to read to your players when first meeting them
  • NPC Quirks and Flaws to help you role-play the character
  • Unique and interesting NPC backstory
  • Optional side-quest your players can do if they love the NPC and want to interact with them more
  • NPC items… just in case…

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