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Treat yourself to a little peace of mind with these incredible NPCs and their taverns/shops!

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Tips & Tricks

What Happens When a Wizard FAILS to Become a Lich?

Liches have played an important role in dnd since the beginning. Many of the greatest villains in Dungeons and Dragons are Liches. While there are many types of Liches (Dragon, Mind Flayer, Elves and so on) all of them use the same basic principle. They are powerful wizards who wish to continue their work by prolonging their lives indefinitely and they embrace undeath in order to do this.

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Tips & Tricks

DM’s Guide to Card Readings in Curse of Strahd

Before the game begins, the DM of Curse of Strahd draws 5 cards to determine key elements of the game. They are as follows: Strahd’s location in the castle, the location of 3 treasures, and the identity of your party’s key ally.

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Tips & Tricks

The Villages of Barovia “Curse of Strahd”

Once a breathtaking valley, Barovia is now a dank, joyless, wasteland whisked away into a demiplane mastered by vampire Strahd von Zarovich. The entire area is now surrounded by deadly mists and is a Domain of Dread. The valley of Barovia is home to three communities. Each village is VERY different and offers your players NPCs to interact with, problems to solve and lots of crazy fun! But they can be difficult to keep straight…

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Tips & Tricks

Should I Run Death House in Curse of Strahd?

Death House is an optional mini-adventure of terror and discovery you can guide your players through. As the “Curse of Strahd” module is for Level 3-10 characters (and a party of 3-7 players) this adventure provides an opportunity for your players to jump from Level 1 to Level 3, should they survive. Players level up when they discover the dungeon entrance and Level 3 is reached upon successfully escaping the House.

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