Tasty Tavern

The Tasty Tavern

Out of the ordinary

How many times does your party go to the local tavern to have a few drinks, sniff out leads, or catch up on town gossip? Has this routine become ordinary and boring? Let’s make that tavern come to life!

Try creating a themed drink to match the season or a tavern special for everyone to munch on while they talk about their last adventure.

Sound out of your league? I have lots of Halfling approved, tavern favorites for beginners and professionals alike! Here are some tasty ideas to get you started and ensure you never order pizza again!

Recent Tavern Favorites
  • Tavern Favorites: Ham & White Cheddar Turnovers
    If you are new at baking, these are a perfect entry point to the art. They require little skill and no special equipment and yet look as though you spent hours preparing them. The full flavors of ham paired perfectly with rustic sage make this a fantasy dish fit for any adventuring party.Read More »
  • How to Make Drinkable Potions of Healing
    Potions of healing are the most iconic element of D&D. I have seen many people making Potions of Healing with dice in potion jars, but here at Halfling Hobbies, we like our potions, well, a little more liquid. That's why I came up with this Potion of Healing Cocktail/Mocktail!Read More »