Crafts & DIY

Miniatures and battle maps are, arguably, the most important aspect of a D&D game. A great map can really elevate the level of play and give the players a clear idea of what is happening on the battle field. But a great tabletop experience doesn’t have to break the bank. Here you will find low cost ideas to give your encounters a little extra flair!

Paint Like a Pro

Learn how to paint your miniatures to make them really stand out! Follow along with me, or check out my favorite tips and tricks for painting jaw-dropping minis!

Dungeon Casting

Always wanted to make your own dungeons, but don’t know how to get started? Boy, do we have content for you! Learn how to get the most for you money, best practices, painting tips for various dungeon types and much much more!

DIY Accessories

Need battle terrain or props on the cheap? We’ve got you covered. Check out the recent posts to see how you can make an amazing battle map on a budget!

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