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This website is brought to you by a nerd who just want to see every game of D&D be the best game of D&D. I strive to make helpful, quality content for DMs because I am Dungeon Master and player myself. You can trust this site is brought to you by a DM for DMs.

Our Vision

We strive to provide quality content and creative ideas to help Dungeon Masters take their games to the next level!

Here you will find tavern style recipes, fantasy inspired drinks and lots of helpful tips and ticks for running your game!

Why we Do What We Do

​D&D and other tabletop role playing games get a bad rap. These incredibly immersive and creative games are for people of all ages.

Thankfully, more an more adults are beginning to discover the enchanting world of role playing games.

But with the new territory comes questions and a need for help creating even more immersive environments to encourage role playing and provide inspiration.

This is why I decided to create Halfling Hobbies & Trinkets. Your campaign doesn’t have to be ordinary. Why not take the adventure to the next level?

How about serving a weekly drink special based on where you are in your campaign? Why not have a tavern style meal or bring out cocktails served in potion bottles when the party wanders into trouble?

There are an innumerable variety of ways to add creativity and fun to your D&D session, keep your players engaged and create memories to share for years to come!