Dice and Dice Vaults by Halfling Hobbies

What makes our Dice Vaults so special?

Incredible, original artwork you will find no where else!

Exotic woods and rare earth magnets!

Deluxe Rosewood Dice Vault Engraved with the Halfling Luck Knot

Engraved Dice Vaults

This beautiful rosewood dice vault comes with a die-cut foam insert to protect your favorite dice from wear and tear, a padded dice tray, and custom-designed art engraved on the front.

The Halfling Luck Knot is sure to have you rolling with advantage!

This extended design takes up less room on your self and on your table. Beautifully crafted from exotic zebrawood, this vault is the perfect place to keep your favorite dice!

To prevent dice from shifting inside the vault, the solid wood vault is carved to house each dice independently, ensuring your dice will never be damaged during travel. Two heavy-duty magnets hold the lid tightly in place, so your dice stay where they belong!

Zebra Wood Long Vault engraved with the Halfling Henna
Rosewood Hex Vault engraved with Halfling Arcanist

Crafted from rich rosewood, this gorgeous, six-sided vault is the best place for your favorite dice. The solid wood vault has been carved out to house each of your dice individually, ensuring maximum safety while traveling! 

Three heavy-duty magnets hold the lid of the vault securely in place, making this our strongest dice vault yet! You will never have to worry about your dice spilling out in your bag again! This vault is perfect for the traveling Dungeon Master.

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